“The Dilemma of the Pan-Africanist” (1966)

Speech by Tanzanian founding father, a visionary Pan-Africanist –“Mwl. Julius Kambarage Nyerere” as he describes the possible conflict between African nationalism and Pan-Africanism.

“We have achieved many things in Africa in recent years, and can look back with some pride at the distance we have travelled. But we are a long way from achieving the thing we originally set out to achieve, and I believe there is a danger that we might now voluntarily surrender our greatest dream of all.”

‘For centuries, we had been oppressed and humiliated as Africans. We were hunted and enslaved as Africans, and we were colonised as Africans. Since we were humiliated as Africans, we had to be liberated as Africans.’ Let’s celebrate together the African resilience to whence far we’ve come while collectively look forward to shaping a better Africa at the KAN Festival #iKAN #weKAN.

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